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EPDM, BOMs and Quantities

Question asked by Manos Saitakis on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by Ozer Mustafa Onar

Hello all!!

I do not know if somebody else asked before (thru searching I did not manage to find something), but I want to get the following.


I need to get cost list for each assembly, fast and efficiently. As EPDM works today, when a BOM generates from an assy, it shows the parts qty per subassy.

When i make a cost list, i need to know how many of each individual parts are on it. For example, "how many DIN912 M5x20 screws are on my assembly?". OK, i know that my subassy ASSY-00123 has 4, and ASSY-00456 has 2, but how can i have the information of the total amount of a component in the whole assy?


thanks a lot, in advance, all of you..


Waiting for your answers.