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    Cutting aluminum simulation

    Andrea Zaratin


      i have to simulate the cutting of a piece of aluminum. see attached assembly.

      the upper blade should run one time direction along all the aluminum panel, and i'm interested in understanding the residual stress.

      since i'm new about this kind of simulations, someone could help me??


      some remarks:

      - blade, bottom blade and guide could be considered with infinite hardness.

      - geometrically the blade (obviously) goes in interference with the Alu panel along his way.


      If someone could give support would be very appreciated!

      Many thanks to you all,


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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm not very familiar with SolidWorks Simulation, but this seems like a problem that very few simulation codes could solve and I'm pretty sure that SolidWorks isn't one of them. This is a very specialized type of analysis. You have to be able to split elements or in between elements and then remesh your body. I don't believe that SW Sim can do either of those.


          Jerry Steiger

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            Luis Antonio Torres Juarez

            i agree with Jerry, for a while i been trying to do a similar simulation using SW sim , I think i could give you some answers.

            In certain pages I found that this simulation has only to change a little the point of view, instead of looking it like your cuting aluminium you can do a fall study in the specific area of the blade in the aluminium sheet, that wouldn't cut your piece but you'll have a "more or less" real residual stress.


            But if you realy want the more certain results, you will have to sumerge in software of advance simulation, like Jerry said this is a very specialized type of analysis. DS has CATIA, but I have never used it. You can search for ANSYS they have a small package for Mechanical design that after going trough pages of tutorial you'll be able to get the analysis you really want.