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    Solidworks not working when use my Login ID

    Manish Waghade

      When I use my Login ID then Iam not been able to use Solidworks , it shows the message "Solidworks has stopped working". But when I Login to my administrative account it is working.Please give some solution of this problem. I am attaching herewith screenshot for your referance.

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          Lenny Bucholz

          couple of things I need to ask.


          Was i working before?

          If so you may have a corrupted user profile. Try creating a new user and see if it works then.


          Is this the first time tring to run after the install?

          If so you mave have to set the SW folders so all user can use them, permissions.

          set the SolidWorks.EXE to run as an administrator and set read\write access to all users while logged in as an admin.


          also what window version are you running? Vista, Windows 7?