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    Solidworks is not working by my Login ID

    Manish Waghade

      I' am facing problem during Solidworks Startup , when I open Solidworks by  my  Login ID ,it is not working , showing message "Solidworks has stopped working" but when I try to open solidworks by administrative Login ID it is working . Please suggest any solution of this problem.I am  attaching Screen pic for your referance.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm guessing that you are running a relatively late version of Windows. It would help if you could post (or put in your profile) your system specifications (OS, amount of RAM, SolidWorks version, graphics card, graphics drivers, whatever else seems worth knowing). It might be that your normal login needs to administrative privileges, at least for certain directories.


          You will probably have a better chance of getting an anwer if you ask this in the Administration forum.


          Jerry Steiger