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BOM & Weldment table header not all caps (ANSI Standard)

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by Glenn Schroeder

Some of the Table headers that use custom properties are not coming in as all caps (ANSI Standard). For example, the weldment cut-list table header contains "Description" and "MATERIAL" while the BOM table header contains "DESCRIPTION" AND "Material", which is the reverse. I would like all these headers in the table to be all caps. It seems SolidWorks has an SPR 399932 on this issue.





Customer Description


Customer Status


Customer Comments






Customer Impact


Target Fix Date



ANSI standard drawing requires capital writing text/annotation, but some linked material property names contain lowercase characters



none none

Note, Balloon User Interface



Since Technical Support could not offer me a work around, has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what was your solution or work around? This is related to my previous posting Templates: BOM & Weldment Cut-list tables


Also, I have imported a title block from AutoCad to create a new drawing format in SolidWorks. It seems the layers were imported as well, and the dimensions (insert model items) and tables are coming in on a layer titled "AM_BOR" that is an orange color, so the printed drawing hard copy is washed out. In need remove these items from this layer in the drawing template. How is this done?