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    Data Management

    Phil Perlich

      Is it possible to solve a study with the results folder on one particular computer, and then copy the results to our server so that they can be viewed on different computers in the office? I have noticed that setting up the results folder on the server causes a lot of added solve time (since our network is slow) as the data gets transfered back and forth.

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          Anthony Botting

          Yes. Just move the folder to the new location. When you open the model in SW, access the study properties (right-click on the name of the study in the tree and choose "properties"), then you'll get a dialog showing a path to the results folder. Click on the ellipsis and browse to the location of the results folder, and click OK. You will likely need to save the model, close it, and reopen it to force the Simulation software to "read" the new location. I hope this helps. -Tony