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    Tools for non-solidworks users

    Brad Hakeman

      The question came up recently about functionality of eDrawings. We have some non-solidworks users who are

      concerned aboud being able to do their own tolerance stack-ups. Currently, they use our old auto-cad drawings

      to do their stack-up.  I know that you can measure parts in eDrawings, but i'm trying to find information on just

      how much analysis someone can do in eDrawings.



        • Re: Tools for non-solidworks users
          Anna Wood

          It is strictly a viewer with measure capability.  They will not be able to create any data within the eDrawing file.  If your users are creating geometry in AutoCAD to do their stack-ups eDrawings will not be the tool for them.


          How, specifically, are your users going about doing their stack-up work with AutoCAD?  Just measuring and hand calculating on paper or what other process?  If we better understand the exact workflow we can offer potential solutions for using your SolidWorks data.