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    Font width and linetypes

    Brad Hakeman

      We currently export our Solidworks drawings to AutoCAD before release (no one really knows why).   We are in the process of allowing solidworks drawings to stay in their native format after the drawing is release.  One of the things I have been asked to find out and 'fix' is to get our templates and formats to match between solidworks and autocad so the two would look identical.  I have the templates looking very close, but the annotations are off slightly.  We use RomanS for our dimension text, local notes, and general notes (.093") and RomanD for Detail labels and Note headings. (.156")  The areas I'm getting flak on are the font width (our AutoCAD is at .85 for font width) and linetype styles.


      I can't find a setting to get the font width to match and I'm hoping there is a way to import our pen settings from AutoCAD into SW.


      Would importing a drawing border from cad into SW force some of the font issues if I saved out the sheet format?  The information is identical between the two formats, but we get some who will say 'but this text is wider' than this one.