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Get Version - Multiple Versions

Question asked by Tom Thompson on Aug 30, 2012

We were using EPDM 2010 SP3 and we recently upgraded to 2012 SP4.  There is an issue we saw in 2010 and we still see it in 2012 (but not as often).  The issue is that when a user does a "Get Version x" on an assembly, a dialog box is shown where some of the components show a "Result" that reads "Multiple versions of the same document are referenced; the newest referenced version will be used."  I have made sure the dialog has the "Referenced Version" chosen.  Some of the files like this are configuration models, but many are not.  The real problem is that the system is not getting the correct referenced verion of every file.  In fact, the "Get Version" function works differently than what the "Contains" tab shows us.


Has anyone else seen this message before?  Any idea what it means or the cause?