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    Is there such a thing as a 'Dimension Cloak'?

    Stuart Coutts

      Sometimes when detailing a drawing there comes a time where unfortunately you may have to put a dimension in an awkard position such as over lapping some lines. What is usually done is these line are right clicked and hidden, then sketch lines are drawn in with a space where the dimension sits (see example below).dimension example.png

      I absolutely hate doing this as the sketch lines are free to move and if you fix them they wont move with the dimension. As far as I know there isnt the functionality in solidworks for setting a dimension to cast a cloak so that the lines behind are automatically hidden based on a predetermined dimension border size; so that when the dimension moves, the border moves, hence the cloak moves and the hidden detail behind is updated automatically.


      Has anyone got a program to do this? Figured out a way? Knows anything about this or maybe even has a way of doing it thats already in solidworks that doesnt involve floating entities?