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Automatically check Document Status/State in EPDM

Question asked by Steven Tan on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by Tim Webb



I'm new to Solidworks and Enterprise PDM.

I'm needed to constantly monitor the status/state of documents stored in EPDM.

My problem is the document names are listed in Excel or Access, and all the document/drawings are not from the same Assembly.


Therefore, I would like to check with the experts here, if there is a VBA code that will do the following.

Maybe with a click of a button.

1) Read the Document Name from a column "Document Name" in excel.

2) Search the document name in EPDM.

3) Get the Latest Revision.

4) Extract the "State", "Revision", "Modified", etc, information from EPDM.

5) Populate the latest information into the column "State", "Revision", "Modified", etc in Excel/Access.


Currently, I had to do this manually, and it's taking alot of my time.

Any help in this will be good.


Thanks in advance.