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Custom launch icons for those that run multiple versions of SWx

Question asked by Edward Eaton on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

Some of us need to have multiple versions of SWx installed all the time. 

For a lot of us it's that time of year when it is necessary to install a new version for experimentation while keeping the previous version available for daily work. 
I personally got tired of goofing up and launching the wrong versionof SWx (or even worse - accidentally doing work in the wrong version!) by mistake.  So a while back I did the research to figure out how to make each SWx launch icon on my taskbar unambiguously identify which version it launches.



If you want what is shown in the image above and aren't that particular about the crude (yet functional!) graphic design, you can just use the following link to download the icons I made for SWx2008-SWx2014 along with instructions on how to add those launch icons to your Windows taskbar:




Note: Creating your own icon (.ico) files is just a google search away, but will require some digging to get to an icon creator that you can use on a trial (Free!) basis. I regret that I don't remember which one I used.