PDM Works 2006 & Toolbox

Discussion created by Guest on Jun 1, 2006
We are in the process of implementing PDMWorks and Toolbox. On one of our assemblies, I want to check it out and grab all nessesary parts and hardware so that I can work on it. I understand that I can not edit the Toolbox parts... which is fine. But the problem is: when I try to check this part out, it brings all the parts to my machine, except for the Toolbox parts... so needless to say, my assembly comes up incomplete. The Toolbox parts are kept on a server, so I was at least expecting the assembly to reference those parts off the server. The attached file shows the error message I get if I try to check the box on one of the Toolbox parts in the PDMWorks dialogue box. Can anyone help me to resolve this?