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Thumbnail/icons previews

Question asked by Christine Bickenbach on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by Christine Bickenbach

We upgraded to SW 2012 SP 4.0 about three weeks ago.  Since then I am losing the icons in my previews.  See attached.


Anything that is still saved as 2010 I am able to see, as soon as I open it and save it as 2012... gone.


I am on a Win 7 64 bit machine.


I have been through multiple threads all saying this should be fixed.  I even followed the advice of some older solutions, but none are working..


I am starting a new thread on this, incase I missed something somewhere.


This is what we have tried so far..


1) Open Windows File Explorer (not Internet Explorer)

2) Go to “Organize > Folder and search options > View” and uncheck the boxes in front of both 1) the “always show icon, never thumbnails” and 2) the "display file icon on thumbnail”. DO NOT HIT OK YET.

3) Click “The Apply to Folders” button. Click “Yes” when asked to apply to all folders.

4) Click the Close Button.  Your done!


We also tried a disable something or other in the registry according to S-055085


As far as I can tell, I only have the latest version of eDrawings on this computer.  We uninstalled everything else.

My coworker is also on a windows 7 64 bit machine but has no issues. 


Is this issue resolved?  And if so, what do we have to do.