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    Thumbnail/icons previews

    Christine Bickenbach

      We upgraded to SW 2012 SP 4.0 about three weeks ago.  Since then I am losing the icons in my previews.  See attached.


      Anything that is still saved as 2010 I am able to see, as soon as I open it and save it as 2012... gone.


      I am on a Win 7 64 bit machine.


      I have been through multiple threads all saying this should be fixed.  I even followed the advice of some older solutions, but none are working..


      I am starting a new thread on this, incase I missed something somewhere.


      This is what we have tried so far..


      1) Open Windows File Explorer (not Internet Explorer)

      2) Go to “Organize > Folder and search options > View” and uncheck the boxes in front of both 1) the “always show icon, never thumbnails” and 2) the "display file icon on thumbnail”. DO NOT HIT OK YET.

      3) Click “The Apply to Folders” button. Click “Yes” when asked to apply to all folders.

      4) Click the Close Button.  Your done!


      We also tried a disable something or other in the registry according to S-055085


      As far as I can tell, I only have the latest version of eDrawings on this computer.  We uninstalled everything else.

      My coworker is also on a windows 7 64 bit machine but has no issues. 


      Is this issue resolved?  And if so, what do we have to do.

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            Christine Bickenbach



            I get as far as


            2. cd\program files\solidworks


            It then tells me

            "the system cannot find the path specified"

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                Deepak Gupta

                cd\program files\solidworks


                Instead of program files\solidworks, it should be the installation path.


                Try the attached BAT file and simply edit the path. Check here for details (SolidWorks Thumbnails Graphics Do Not Display) after step 13 on how to edit the file.

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                    Christine Bickenbach



                    Before I try this...


                    does this have anything to do with this?

                    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



                    "Cache Shell Graphics"=dword:00000001



                    "Cache Shell Graphics"=dword:00000001


                    My IT tried the above this morning but it did not do anything.

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                        Deepak Gupta

                        I'm not sure about that but I do know that the other method has worked for me and many other people. So that was the reason I created that bat file. Just edit and update the installation path, save and run. Make sure SolidWorks is not running.

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                            Christine Bickenbach

                            Ok.  I am getting closer...


                            I got this error message now....



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                                Christine Bickenbach

                                I am on a 64 bit machine...  I just wanted to clarify that.  Just incase that has anything to do with it.

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                                    Brian Hoerner

                                    Have you tried just resaving the files to see if that helps?  That "occasionally" works because of some registry issue.


                                    I have another post about this from a few years ago, I will try and find that and put it here shortly.







                                    .................................................. from earlier post a year or so ago:




                                    Thumbnail graphics have stopped working, even though it is turned on in the Tools, Options, General. Why?


                                    The thumbnail graphics are simply icons cached with the file and displayed in Windows Explorer by Microsoft. Microsoft decides when to update the cached icon information, and therefore when to change the display of the icons. In this case, it may be that access to the file is needed to get the icons to update. For example, selecting the file in Windows Explorer or opening and saving the file usually fixes the problem.  Sometimes the registry location where the icon information is cached becomes corrupted. We do not know the cause of this problem. To see if this is the case, run the "regedit" command, and then expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, there must be a SldAssem.Document folder and an SLDPart.Document folder. Each folder must have a "shellex\iconhandler" folder. If the "shellex" or "iconhandler" folder is missing, the thumbnail graphics will not function.  A reboot will often be required to see the changes.




                                    Thumbnail graphics of SolidWorks files are not displayed in Windows Explorer even with "Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer" enabled. Why?


                                    This can happen if sldwinshellextu.dll is not registered on the PC.

                                    It has been observed that manually registering the file resolves the issue.

                                    This file is located in the SolidWorks shared directory: "Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Shared\sldwinshellextu.dll".  ("Program Files (x86)" for 64-bit PCs)

                                    1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the file
                                    2. Go to Start -> Run and type: cmd (to open a command prompt window)
                                    3. In the command prompt, type: regsvr32 then a space, and then drag the DLL file from Windows Explorer into the command prompt window (this should populate the directory path)
                                    4. Press Enter

                                    This should return a message stating that "DllRegisterServer in .....dll succeeded." The DLL will then be properly registered.


                                    if you cannot find this .dll on your system, find it on another and just copy and place it in the same directory on your workstation then run this


                                    hope it helps,