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Force regeneration of flat pattern feature?

Question asked by Pete Peters on Aug 29, 2012

Need some help.



Multi-body sheetmetal part with 9 xrefs.

Post-part flat pattern/ break drawing created for shop.

Second post-part fab drawing also created for shop.


A design error caused me to increase the height of a boss extrude.

This part also has a draft feature, sheet metal feature, and a convert solid feature.


At some point along the line, the flat pattern feature broke, and as it was suppressed, no warning occured.

Now my flat pattern dawing for that sheet is also screwed. (it did work after the height change, for a while)

Is there ANY way to regenerate the flat pattern feature for this plate?

Many weeks of work here.


I did find an older backup pre-kaboom, and performed the same height increase and it worked fine. (no break or fab dwg)

I'm wondering if having the break drawing attached caused some sort of problem? (that doesn't make sense though)






P.S. LinerDoor-L / RWD105-06 is the culprit


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