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    How to Save to .JPG from Modeling Window Without Losing Floor Shadows???

    Danny Sillett

      Hey all, I'm having an issue where I need to save higher res .JPG, (or.PNG preferrably,) files than what a screenshot / paste to Paint / Save As can achieve for me, so I need to handle this by selecting "Save As" from the modeling window and exporting the screen's current view to a .JPG.  Problem is when I save the file it eliminates the floor shadows, and I need those in there.  Is there an option for this somewhere in the software?


      Any suggestions on how to fix this or if I can achieve a higher quality file only using a screen capture?  I've also tried the screen capture / paste to paint / save as .PNG because it's a lossless format, but I think as soon as I paste into Paint it degrades on me, because it appears Paint in Win 7 is set only to 96 DPI without any option for adjustment, (I know it's a rudimentary program for editing raster files, but it's all I have at the moment, unless there's some free software out there I can get my hands on.)


      The file named "DWX 720 DPI" was created using "save as" with the floor shadows turned on.  The image quality is good, but I lose the shadows.


      The file named "DWX Low Res with Floor Shadows" was done by doing a screen capture, pasting to Paint and saving as a .JPG.  Floor shadows are there, but image quality is JUNK!!!


      Any advice would be great, cuz I need to give these files out at 720DPI or better if possible to keep the image quality up.


      Thanks in advance!!!