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    New member saying "Hi"!

    Mark Coleman

      Hi All.


      I start a new job in 4 weeks time and my new company uses Solidworks.

      It's going to be a bit of a challenge as I'm a long time (6 years)........Inventor........user!!


      My copy of Solidworks 2012 Student Edition (my 13 year old son is eligible) was delivered today and I've ordered Matt Lombard's Parts & Assemblies bibles.

      I will be getting training but I wanted to get up to speed before I start.


      I'd posted on the Inventor discussion groups and was pointed in the direction of this forum by several users.

      They all spoke very highly of you ;-)


      Don't worry; I've been warned not to come here and start mouthing off saying "Inventor can do this" and "Inventor can do that"!!!!!!!


      Look forward to installing the software, getting to grips with it and starting my new career path.