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How to fix problem of zero fluid volume?

Question asked by Brando Dimapasoc on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by Eric Ryan

Hello all. I'm currently trying to model (roughly) the effect a stent would have on blood flow into an aneurysm, and I ran into a problem with the flow simulation where it says I have zero volume. The model is attached.


When I run a fluid analysis on the assembly without the stent, everything works just fine and I get a non-zero fluid volume when I check the assembly's geometry, as shown in the first picture. However, when I put the stent into the assembly and checked the geometry, the fluid volume shows up as zero (second picture). Any idea what could be going on? At first, I thought it was because the stent's position was under-defined, but after adding a lock mate to fix the stent's position, the result is the same--zero fluid volume.What could the stent be doing that is making the model not work?


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.