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    Results Errors

    Chris Bargman

      So,  I have been having issues with this from day one.  I seem to have found a work around that was working but not I seem to be having issues again...


      When I save my part It does not save the results in the folder with the asm...  It saves the results in a folder under my documents.  The issue is I have the box checked to save the results in the folder with the model.  So whenever I go to save the file no matter how many times I hit save it loses the location of the results and even if I direct it to them solidworks wont read it. 


      Even when I use pack and go and check the include results button I still get the same issues.  I am working off my local C drive not a network drive because the network just seems to further these issues.  What in the world am I doing wrong?  I did talk to a solidworks rep that also had no idea why this was happening...

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Chris: Maybe the "study-specific" and "global" settings are interfering with one another. You can set the "save-in" location at the study level (in the PM for each particular study), and of course at the "global" level (in the Simulation/Options dialog). So I am guessing the "study-specific" settings are over-writing the global settings. I hope that's the issue (i.e., a simple one) -Tony