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Workgroup Lost My File

Question asked by Aaron Godwin on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by Aaron Godwin

Has anyone seen this, I check a new file in and then can't see it in the Vault tree. I've checked in a file, same file more than once, and it's not showing up and search can't find it. Each time I check it in the rev bumps but still no file in the tree. I opened SolidWorks Explorer and can see it if I click on the vault folder it's in but it does not show up in the tree. I also checked in a blank file and tried to change its name to that of the missing file but the system told me the file name already existed. So I'm stuck not knowing what else I can't see.


I'm running SW 2012 x64 SP 2.0 and Workgroup 2012 SP 2.0


Any insight would be great. Thank in advance guys...