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    "Send Mail" Transition Action to Current User Only

    Katie Hughes

      Is there a way to email only the person sending a file through a transition?  Here's the problem.  Some files going through this transition are brand new parts and need to be added to our mrp system.  Some of the files going through the transition are already in the mrp and don't need to be sent.  So I currently created a "Send Mail" transition action that will send an email to a small group of people reminding them that if the part number is new, they need to add it. Not everyone needs (or wants) this email; only the person moving the files should get the reminder. Is there a way to send the mail only to the person moving the file from one state to another?  Can the "Send Mail" transition action accomplish this? Is it the best way to accomplish this?  Could you accomplish something like this with a dispatch action?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Hello Katie,


          I think you could do this with the dispatch script. Let me try this one.


          Do you want this script to run for a specific file types ?? like only parts, assemblies or drawings ?


          Do you use MS Outlook for notifications or Database Mail.




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            Jeremy Schmidt

            If you set the notification to "Modifier", it will send the notification to the person to modified the file at the last state, but I don't think it sends it to the user if it's the same person executing the transition.

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              Tim Read

              Hi Katie,


              As Raghav stated, you can do this with "Dispatch" (send email to the user transitioning the file) but in Dispatch you cannot add any more details - like filename. You can only send a standard email with a subject and body - you cannot access any variable information from the datacard or even the filename itself inside the "Send Message" option of Disptach.


              In Transistions you can access all of those nice variables and add them to the email but you cannot send to the user transistioning the file only to a predefined user or group.


              Clearly, what you would want to do is a combination of both... Hello API

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                Katie Hughes

                Thanks for your responses!



                I just want a general reminder to go out to the user for whatever type of file goes through.  Although, I guess just assemblies would be fine because then I could say the assembly has been sent to the check state, make sure the parts underneath it are in or added to the mrp system.

                We use MS Outlook for our notifications.



                Where can I select modifier in the notification?  I think when I setup the notifications, I can only see groups or users.



                API are probably my least favorite letters in EPDM.  If sending a general email through dispatch isn't enough information for the users who receive it, I guess API is my only option.  Do you know if anything like this has been done before?