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"Send Mail" Transition Action to Current User Only

Question asked by Katie Hughes on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by Jeremy Schmidt

Is there a way to email only the person sending a file through a transition?  Here's the problem.  Some files going through this transition are brand new parts and need to be added to our mrp system.  Some of the files going through the transition are already in the mrp and don't need to be sent.  So I currently created a "Send Mail" transition action that will send an email to a small group of people reminding them that if the part number is new, they need to add it. Not everyone needs (or wants) this email; only the person moving the files should get the reminder. Is there a way to send the mail only to the person moving the file from one state to another?  Can the "Send Mail" transition action accomplish this? Is it the best way to accomplish this?  Could you accomplish something like this with a dispatch action?


Thanks in advance for your help!