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    Block Balloons

    jacob may

      I have a drawing that I have created multiple static detail blocks for. I am curious to know if it is possible to take a balloon that was put into a detail block that I imported from autocad and set it to a part in the BOM?

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          John Burrill

          Not at present.  the ability to link a note in a block to a BOM item would make for a good enhancement request.

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            Scott McFadden


            I would say you would have an easier time doing that in Draft sight (SW 2D program)

            getting that to work there.  Inside of a SW drawing the only method that may work would be

            to create an API routine that might work, but it would have to over write the existing balloon configuration

            already established and setup to work with the current BOM's.

            What does this balloon you are trying to incorporate have that the ones that are already there don't?

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                jacob may



                What I have are a bunch of details that were created in autocad years ago that we are still utilizing today. so instead of redrawing them i just imported them into solidworks and created blocks out of them. Once those blocks were in solidworks i then added balloons and standard notes. Sorry i may have not explained myself well enough.