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Help with SolidWorks 2010 SP02.1 Installation Manager

Question asked by Jeff Weinell on Aug 26, 2012

About a year ago I installed the SolidWorks Student Edition on my computer for a class.  My computer is 64-bit but I accidentally installed the 32-bit version. As would be expected, the 32-bit version did not work properly and so I installed the 64-bit version, which worked as needed.  At the end of the semester the student license expired and therefore I attempted to uninstall the both 64 and 32-bit versions.  The 64-bit version uninstalled as needed, but the 32-bit will not uninstall.


Steps I went through.


Under Programs:


Clicked SolidWorks 2010 SP02.1

Clicked Uninstall


The SolidWorks 2010 SP02.1 Installation Manager begins to load, but then a window pops up that states, "SolidWorks X86 (32-bit) Edition cannot be installed on an X64 (64-bit) computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7."


The only buttons I can click on this poppup are the close tab in the upper right of the window, or the "okay" button in the bottom middle of the window.  Both of these buttons close the Installation Manager (which I would think should have been some sort of uninstaller anyway, seeing that I want to uninstall the program and clicked "uninstall".


Any help would be appreciated.  The first that pops up on my computer when I start-up my desktop is a warning asking me if I want to allow SolidWorks to be able to make changes to my computer, which is annoying since there seems to be no way to prevent this message either.