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    How Do You Handle Automatic Part Numbering?

    Ravi Teja


           How can Autoamtic part numbering can be handled in EPDM.

           One way can be Assigning part number to file datacards  but this will either apply to whole vault or only apply to folder where the card is save to.

           When a machine is designed,designer or engineer does not know what parts are needed to make the machine so he does little trial and error to get to the result,in this process        he createssome unwanted part.

           Is it possible (ofcourse through API) to assign different serials to different filetype from RMB menu or through workflow transition?







      Ravi T

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          Michael Dekoning

          Yes. We have done this for a group at our company. Are you going to rename the file as well as assign it to a variable?

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            Andries Koorzen

            Hi Ravi.


            You can make use of templates inside of EPDM...you'll have to do some more research but...


            Create a new part file -> create a new template in the administration tool. It is possible to now create a new part ( with relevant serial number) in the correct folder, with the correct serial number (which is used in the template)

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              Craig Lalumiere

              Right now I am in the process of setting that up and the plan is the Engineers name the files whatever they want and at the end of the sub assembly, manually or when it changes state, I haven’t decided yet, run a dispatch script. That will then rename the files to the correct information given in the file cards. The problem that I have found with this it then all the files have to updated before printing, but if the checker opens then before approving them they will be then updated. So it will become sort of a double check that the checker is doing their job.

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                Tim Read

                Hi Ravi,


                Yes, we do this in our company.


                We have an Add-In that triggers off of a Workflow transition with a particular name "Assign Part Number" but that is not the end of it... It ONLY assigns a part number to particular types of files (Drawings do not get part numbers) and only if the current part number does not exist OR has a 'null' value " " or "-".


                By doing it this way if I want to have part numbers assigned in a different workflow all I have to do is add the transition.  We actually have the transition as a 'side loop' in the workflows so Engineers can decide if and when they want to assign a part number but there is also a stage in the workflow that it must go through that transition.