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Templates: BOM & Weldment Cut-list tables

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Aug 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2012 by Anna Wood

I am in the process of setting up new drawings templates, and well as the BOM & Weldment Cut-list tables. So far, I am having some success controlling the BOM table (Tools --> Options --> Document properties -->Tables --> Use template settings) in the Drawing template, but these settings do not seem to affect the Weldment Cut list table. Where are the settings in the Drawing Template to control the Weldment Cut list table, or other tables besides the BOM table?


I also need to control the text size (height), font, for notes, x-secs, & detail views. What tutorials or tools do you recommend for this process? Once I have the drawing template set-up correctly, is there a tool to update other drawings (containing the old settings) with the new settings? Does this link to a macro work for SolidWorks 2012? For example, using the property tab builder, I can replace the custom properties in previous part / assembly files with the updated custom properties easily. I would like to do this for the drawing templates as well, and I am not referring to the drawing formats (title block) as that is separate from the drawing template.


Any suggestions, best practices would be helpful. I am working with a company that has not set-up SolidWorks and wants the Drawings to match their AutoCAD drawings:


  • standard note: RomanS font, .125" x drawing scale, Detail & X-sec note .1875" x drawing scale with scale note: .125" x drawing scale.


Of course, they want the Balloons & Symbols to match the previous AutoCAD standards as well.