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Sheet metal parts modelling

Question asked by Lojze Bohor on Aug 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2012 by Lojze Bohor

Hello to all users,


I would kindly like to ask for some advice regarding modelling of two simple sheet metal parts, that I just cannot create in Solidworks. I am a beginner user, but I tried searching online and playing around for a couple of days with no success.




Very simple part, the problem is that one surface is flat and the other is bend. I tried modelling in Part module with Loft feature with mixed results. I would like to model the part in sheet metal anyway, because the goal is to flatten it and design a die. If I model the T shape and than using the Sketched Bend feature I sketch the line in the middle, the whole part bends, which again is not ok.




This is also a relatively simple part and it is no problem to model in Part module with Extrude, Shell and Fillet feature. The problem starts when I try to transform it in sheet metal (again, the goal is to flatten the part), I assume because of the 'punched in' surface on boath sides of the part. I imagine this would be pretty simple to model in Sheet metal with simply bending both sides and than punching the sides inward.


The obvious choice (for me anyway) would be to use Forming tool option and I tried. I watched the videos online on this feature and I cannot get the results I would like. Also there is no predefined forming tool like this in the design library.


I would very apreciate any help on how to approach to the design for both parts with the intetntion to flatten parts.



Best regards