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Motion Studies: 3d contact in motion analysis

Question asked by Siva Praneeth on Aug 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by Jim Boland



I am trying to simulate the motion of a ball through a hollow spiral,
but the ball doesn't touch spiral when released, it directly falls through the spiral instead of touching it. Please help me how to fix this problem


This is what I tried-

1) I used the 3d contact and applied gravity downwards, and positioned the ball at a certain distance above the cone, so that when simulation starts, the ball will fall into the cone and eventually roll down the helix.

2) The simulation ran peacefully (i.e., ball went down the spiral) when "Basic Motion" is turned on, in which I couldn't apply friction and co-efficient of restitution in between the bodies.

3) However, when I changed the mode to "Motion Analysis", using the same settings and gravity, the ball just fell straight down "through the spiral" as if it were not hindered by any thing.

4) When this didn't happen, I tried bouncing the ball on a rectangular sheet. Even then using motion analysis made the ball go through the sheet after bouncing few times.



Attached are the video and the solidworks file.



Thank you for your time.