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    Safe SW download

    William Kirby



      I need a safe download to practice SW 2011 before starting new job.  Any ideas??





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          Anna Wood

          Your local SolidWorks reseller.  Or get a student version of the software.





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            Jeff Holliday

            Anna has it correct. If you could find a download anywhere (even if it was virus-free) it is not legal. The student version is not terribly expensive and will save a lot of potential trouble.

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              Tony Cantrell

              Check with your local tech school or college and see if they have SW and if you can practice there.

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                Chris Challinor

                Really, you need to fool your next employer..........and use an illegal software download to do it.


                Nice first posting.............................


                As an interviewer for potential employees I am going to see if you are active in SW forums, Google your name to see what you do online.......and add all of the gathered intelligence on you to make my decision to hire you or not..............including calling your references, and resume.


                If I find this post, stating you want to find a way to get a copy of "SAFE DOWNLOADED" SolidWorks and you also do not have enough "Practice" to do the job.....guess where in the pile you are........even if your intent was to find a legal copy of SW to use, the idea that you may like to use pirated software is a determining factor in your hiring at my company.......pirates end up in Davy Jones locker.

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                    Joe Kuzich

                    I see the frustration behind pirating.  At the same time I can understand why some people would pirate software. Although I am very surprised that anyone would elude to it using their real name on an easily searchable forum as you sugest.  In fact I thought to be on the forum you had to have access to a legit copy to begin with.   Being new to SW myself I think it would be a great idea for companies SW (or any software provider) to offer a free educational version of some type.  It could even be an increasingly limited version of the student version.  One that lets say not only stamps it educational version but only allows you to save files to a online SW file you have registered.   Do companies still offer 30 day free trials?

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                      John Burrill

                      Allright Chris, don't marshall the firing squad just yet.  You don't know to a certainty what Will's intent or experience are.  I took a job doing Inventor a couple of years ago.  At the time, my experience with IV was several versions out of date and I wound up going to a reseller and asking for 30-day evaluation copy so that I could bring my knowledge upto date.  There was nothing underhanded or nefarious about it and I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on my employer.

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                      Chris Rowland

                      Chill out there chris, people want to get a download to enhance there skills in hope of getting a good job