Spline Combs,.. why aren't the fixed?

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 27, 2006
Yes you did, unless you misunderstand the problem.

The problem is that when the comb top line has a big jump (usually when it crosses the spline itself, indicating a change in convexity), it overshoots and creates a shape which is not valid for a comb. In the attached picture, the orange line should go through the point of inflection, but it doesn't. It should not cross the red line, but it does. Because the top connecting line is a spline, it reacts the same way splines react, which means when you have big jumps this close together, it will often overshoot where it is supposed to go.

If your point is that somehow, ID people universally will not make a shape that changes curvature quickly and even inflects, then I simply disagree. Although compared to other problems in the software, this one is minor, saying no one would create a shape like that is not correct. It isn't even completely dependent on the spline, but also on the scale of the curvature. Both attached images are of the same section of the same unmodified spline. One image shows a big problem (comb2) and one has no problem at all (comb3).

The problem is likely to be potentially worse in 2007 because you can now change the denisity of the comb as well as the scale.