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A Toy Problem

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Aug 25, 2012

The attached SW12 zip has an assembly made from one part with several configurations.  My goal is to minimize the number of configurations.  There is undoubtedly a proof that would demonstrate the merits of this solution.  I didn't do well in math.  It took me a fair amount of CAD what-if fumbling to come up with this combination of pegs and holes.  I found many that don't work.


What is the optimum set connector genders?  Obviously, each of my configurations represents a tooling charge.  So, for all of you math professors, here's a practical application for combinatorial logic.


Don't be shy about posting a better solution. Best model wins the grand prize!


The inspiration for this model came from a book "Amazing LED Projects" that I found on my iPad.  My variation on his idea is to make a NodeBulb toy to compete with magnetic balls.


If you manufacture this idea, please send me one.


This is a faint analog for protien expression - each node manifests based on the conditional presence of neighbors.  Those long strands of "unused" DNA are configuration selectors.  Who knew SW was so like Mother Nature?