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Installation Manager - Checking for Internet Connection causes proxy auth dialog

Question asked by Simon Giesemann on Aug 26, 2012

G'day All.


I've been tasked with installing SW2012 to our users and have gone down the path, for the moment, of using the Installation Manager to install the software and all pre-reqs on the end users PC.  That all works a treat.


The problem that I am having however is that the account that is used to install SW2012 does not have Internet access and therefore when IM launches and runs an action "Checking for Internet Connection" it forces our corporate proxy server to challenge for authentication, therefore the end users get a dialog asking for username and password when installing SW.


All I need to know is if there is a way to stop IM from connecting to the Internet, either by a command line switch for sldim.exe or via the AdminDirector.xml.


My only alternative at the moment is to run each pre-req and product installation independantly using msiexec as per the installation guide, which I don't mind doing, but my clients are in a bit of a rush, so I though the IM path might have been easier!


Any help appreciated.