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    Orthotropic material

    Pet Peever


      I am defining an orthotropic material, but definitions aren't so clear, in the help pages :

      - x means axial direction ( so parallel to the fiber) ?

      - y would be radial (direction of thickness) ?

      - z tangential (so the width direction, in the case of a fabric)


      I ask the question, because some conventions give z as axial direction.


      Tx for your infos.

        • Re: Orthotropic material
          Pet Peever

          Linked with this problem, how can I complete the Reference geometry of the Linear Elastic Orthotropic box ?

          I already wasted  about 1 hour yesterday, with your a little laconic

          "These following problems with this material were detected :

          Not all mandatory references have been detected"


          I tought that I overcame this pest yesterday : in fact, the calculus was surely done with an isotropic material, and not the orthotropic version of the material.


          So, I guess that the missing mandate has to be giving to a reference geometry, so why I defined one, but this Reference Geometry field isn't keen about filling something into it.

          How can I go on with that ?

          Tx a lot for your help.