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    Enterprise vs. Workgroup

    Aaron Godwin

      We currently run WorkGroup PDM and so far this has been go enough. However I'm starting to wonder if it might be time to switch to Enterprise. What I'm looking for is something that can show me the difference between the two. Like how is ownership of files handled? How are revisions handled? How are release states handled? I'm not looking for a sales pitch (which is what a VAR will give me) I'm trying to figure out how the transition is going to work and what kind of learning curve I'm looking at. I also would need to be able to tell my boss (a non-user of SW) that now we can do A but if we upgrade we can do B.


      Any help would be great, point me to a document, a quick break-down, whatever you got.


      Thanks in advance for all your help guys...

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          Scott McFadden


          Have you seen this page from the SW website?



          My general experience is mostly with workgroup, but the interface in Enterprise looks like windows explorer,

          but the handling of the files is very similar.  The biggest difference with Enterprise is the way it interfaces

          with other departments.  Notifications, groupings etc.

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            Brian Nichols

            Here's a Matrix of the difference's



            What I can tell you from our experience is.

            LESS HASSLES virtually maintenance free (Granted does take time to get that way)

            Data Integrity, Revision Control, No Same Name Files,

            Better File Control and Structure, easier to control vault 

            A controlled way for the shop to view lastest drawings

            Data Sharing of Library Parts, multiple users can be using the same part at the same time without losing any part integrity

            Ability to give access to multiple users and groups

            Custom Reporting 

            Customized Worflows for different departments and processes

            Great ISO Procedure Documentation


            Build your own Custom Search Engines - and DATA Cards - which makes files easier to find - saves our engineers about 2 hours a day

            We use our search engine along with customized search cards I built from within EPDM so we don't use Windows Explorer at all


            Web Server Access for on the road or working from home


            I could go on and on but then It would sound more like a sales pitch.....LOL

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              Dan Goldberg

              We had to switch from workgroup to enterprise because workgroup perfomance came to a crawl. After your vault gets to a certain size, the check in-check out loading time will come to a crawl. There is no method to predict the threshold but you will know when you hit it. Our drafters would spend more time waiting for the assembly to load than making the changes.


              There is more functionality in epdm as well.

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                Aaron Godwin

                Thanks guys. I've seen a lot of this before, the charts and things. Most of it seems to tell you what ePDM does better not how it does it better. Maybe I'm just going to have to get the VAR in and endure the sales pitch.


                Dan, that's something I haven't heard before. I haven't noticed any difference but maybe it's a question worth asking the group.


                Thanks again, and keep the info coming.