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Filling Space Between Components In Assembly

Question asked by Ty Porter on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by John Burrill

I have an assembly that consists of several (complex) segments to a large ring structure that are evenly spaced. The structure consists of two rings (an outter and an inner) with segments (vanes) inbetween, that connect them. The parts are imported parasolids, so I cannot alter their geometry. These components (each consisting of an inner ring segment, a whole vane, and an outter ring segment) are already assembled in the ring structure, but they have a 0.030" gap between them. I need to fill those gaps between each component so that there are no discontinuities. My problem is: the parts have a complex cross section and the various angles between them make it difficult to just overlay the sketch onto a new plane and extrude it straight out (or even at a single angle). The angles are various because the inner diameter ring has a face that needs to connect, as well as the larger outter diameter. I would equate this to joining a pizza crust that has gaps inbetween the slices. I am hoping that I can connect the points around the outside of the cross section (one face at a time) to create "bridge-like" surfaces between the bodies and then fill that space to make it solid. Is this possible? I'm open to suggestions.


Unfortunately, I cannot supply pictures due to the proprietary nature of the structure. However, I can quickly sketch up a mock scenario if it is needed.


Thank you in advance!