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    Accelerator link to EPDM search?

    Bob McCowan

      Is there a way to craft a link to EPDM vault search tool that can be used as an accelerator in Internet Explorer?.  We have many documents on our intrant and it would be quick to select a file name or part number on an intranet web page and launch an epdm search from an accelerator.  I know that there are some links to spcific documents with something like <href="conisio://_ConisioVaultName_/open?projectid...>; can a similar link be crafted that will launch the search tool and execute a search?




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          Brian Nichols



          Yes there is a way to do this. It takes creativity and knowledge of web Page design and HTML Tags.


          You can use the a file tag such as the one below. Just paste it into your browser and you'll see how it works it will bring up the Windows Directory. This works on network paths if used correctly in the HTML code also the. Once you get to the intranet folder you want up in the browser you can save the it to the Bookmark bar and then it's simply a click away when your browser is open.




          Whatever your intranet path is will work the same, you can even make the EPDM Search tool come up if you use a shortcut to it and it is setup correctly within the html code like the <href> you discussed earlier.


          Once all that is done you can then save out the homepage and set it up on everybodies computer as there browser homepage and they will have these links also.


          If you used the default install path for EPDM it shouldn't be a problem to find the search.exe path and launch the application from there.


          I hope this helps! If you have any questions please fee free to contact me and I can help you set it up, I just tested everything on my machine and it worked fine.