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EPDM Toolbox handling error

Question asked by Tibor Meszes on Aug 23, 2012
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My collegue has a new SWX and EPDM install on his machine, and he has error with toolbox part generation.

We use the settings below long time ago, and under EPDM installation we don't choose the "want to manage Toolbox with EDPM" (or someting like that).

The method is for toolbox elements generation:

-generate toolbox element outside of vault

-copy file to EPDM\Toolbox elements library


Here is the Toolbox settings:



Here is the EPDM Admin settings for Toolbox:



but at this time, my collegue under EPDM install, maybe checked the "want to manage Toolbox with EDPM" (or someting like that) option, and Toolbox try to generate files to the EPDM\Toolbox elements library, but the process is unfinished with error message.


anybody has any idea what is wrong, how can we tell set the toolbox to generate parts to outside of the vault?


thank you