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How can I complete the Reference geometry of the Linear Elastic Orthotropic box ?

Question asked by Pet Peever on Aug 24, 2012


All is in the title.


I posted a thread about this problem in the Simulation part of the forum, but I repost it here, because I just want to add some remarks :


- to find the Simulation tutorials, I have at first to click on the Simulation option of the command manager.


Time wasted to find those tutos : a lot of time.


- how can I retrieve a previous study  ? I have to click on it, in the bottom status bar study Tree Property.

Just that I found it after a lot of time to search it.


It should be very nice, that your help pages define it, at the first line, for instance, when I enter "study Tree Property" in the search box.


And it should also be very nice that your first tutorial would spread a picture view of the screnn, with this status bar highlighted in red.... or in blue, if blue is your favorite color.


Tx for your help, about the question being in the title.