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swspmanager SLOOOW to open SW 2012

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by Scott Baugh

Good morning everyone,


I borrowed a license from our network manager this week while I am in training. When I launch my SW 2012 SP3 it takes about 5-15 minutes for it to appear. I checked the Task Manager and the swspmanager is running, but its hardly doing anything.... once it disappears SW launches. I did not find much information on the swspmanager in the knowledge base, but its my assumption its causing my SW to launch very slowly. I tried resetting the registry, in case its looking for a server location I don't currently have available, but that did not seem to matter. Has anyone else seen this? The User next to me borrow a license from our network as well and he is not having the same issue as I am..



Any help or suggestions is appreciated.