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    Hide/Show bodies interface

    Chris Lindloff

      Is there anyway to control the hide/show of a body in a multibody part without scrolling to the top of the tree?  Some of my feature trees get fairly long and I am constantly scrolling through to toggle bodies.  Is there a toolbar, or a can some kind of toolbar menu be pinned to the screen with a list of bodies?


      I thought splitting the feature tree might work, and have a small tree at the top always scrolled to the "bodies" folder, but since I have mine set to highlight a feautre when I pick it on the model, it scrolls both of the feature tree windows.


      Can I freeze one of the trees from scrolling?


      Thanks for any ideas.

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          Lenny Bucholz

          have you tried control selecting from the graphics window insted of the tree????


          you can use the selection filter to only see bodies so when you rubber band around the bodies it only pics them, know this only really works for hiding, not showing, you'd have to go to the top of the tree and find the hidden in the solidbody folder to show.


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            Alin Vargatu

            Chris, are you Beta testing SW 2013?

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                Chris Lindloff

                Yes, I can easily hide a body from the graphics window, but showing them again is the trick.



                I am using 2012 SP4.0.  Is there something new in 2013 to cover this???

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                    Jim Wilkinson

                    Hi Chris,


                    Two other suggestions:

                    1) Select a feature in the tree that contributes to the creation/modification of a body and there should be a glasses icon on the context toolbar for show. So this will work if the feature is within view of the tree and you know what body it acts on.

                    2) Use the View, Hide/Show Bodies command. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to this command and if you really want a toolbar button, you could make a small macro to run the command. The command is documented here: http://help.solidworks.com/2012/English/solidworks/sldworks/hidd_hide_show.htm


                    I hope this helps,


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                        Chris Lindloff

                        We are getting closer to what I am thinking but still not quite ideal.


                        in response to Jim's suggestion

                        1) since my feature tree is large and I often switch back and forth modeling one body then the other, it is difficult to remember which features belong to which bodies.  If I were to name each feature upon creation I could make some sort of notation, but that would take lots of extra time.  But your method does work.


                        2) I was unaware of this command and it seems to work pretty good, but there is about a 3 second delay to bring it up.  This probably varies depending on the number of bodies.  I would be even better if I could pick the named bodies from the feature manager window that popped up and hit "OK".  You have to pick through the transparent views in the graphics window; without overlapping parts might not be easy to pick/see the right one.  If it were possible to pick from the list, it would be even better if this could be "pinned".  This option is close but not perfect.


                        3) Regarding #2, if you were able to pick from a list, it still would be finnicky, since the body names change so often.  It makes sense they name the last acting feature, but often I try to rename them manually, and these names get a bit wacky when merging different bodies.


                        4) What could be really cool is a kind of "view pallette" for bodies, something that could be pinned (like the orientation window).  Maybe 2 seperate windows for solids and/or surfaces.  Take this idea and run!


                        Maybe I should try to read through the "what to do better in multibody" thread, but I think it has gotten pretty long!


                        Thanks all.

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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    Maybe this will help.  Click on View at the top of your screen and choose Hide / Show bodies from the drop-down.  That will show an outline of all hidden bodies.  You can click on them individually to Show.

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                      Bjorn Hulman

                      Do you use the isolate body function at all? its quite handy and has a small dialog to quickly exit the mode.