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Toolbox configuration has changed and I do not know how to restore the default

Question asked by Dan Armstrong on Aug 22, 2012

Hello All,

     I have been in the practicing of inserting screws/nuts into my assemblies using the toolbox add-in.  Now for a long period of time, I was using this feature without any issues: I would open the toolbox menu, select the screw that I wanted, then drag it into the assembly and a configuration menu would pop up asking me to specify the length and size of my selected screw.


Recently, when I attempted to add a SHCS to my assembly (one I use frequently), I would drag the screw into the assembly and no configuration menu would pop up!  It also seemed to have lost all of the "smart-fastening" functionality as it would not change the configuration as I dragged it close to the hole.


I noticed that if I manually go into "component properties" after just draging and dropping into the assembly, I can change the size/length there, so I am not completely dead in the water...


That being said, I miss my "smart-fastening" and automatic configuration menu popping up when I go to insert the screws!


Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

Can I restore my default toolbox configurations somehow??