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Category condition argument not working

Question asked by Andrew Dvorak on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Andrew Dvorak

Having a problem putting documents into my Revision Managed workflow. I have a Revision Managed category that has OR conditions to include all solidworks files (work fine) and I want to add doc and xls files to this same workflow. According to the admin quide and training manual I should be able to use %\Q%.xls% to add all Excel files starting with Q anywhere in the database, but this doesn't work. I also tried being more specific (since the example in the admin guide doesn't include the last %) and used %\Q%.xlsx, which still didn't work. The only way my VAR could do this during implementation week was by setting up a specific folder for the files and using %\Folder\Q%.xls%. Any ideas about why my argument won't allow my file? Many thanks.