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Interpreting Degrees of Freedom output

Question asked by Brad S on Aug 22, 2012

Is there a better way to interpret the below than Exporting to Adams and manually searching the adams files for a mapping of numbers to names? surely solidworks could do this for us?



Gruebler Count (approximate DOF):
18 moving parts                    108 DOF
17 cylindrical joint(s)            -68 DOF
4 planar joint(s)                 -12 DOF
2 inline primitive(s)              -4 DOF
11 inplane primitive(s)            -11 DOF
2 rotational motion(s)             -2 DOF
Total (estimated) DOF = 11
Total (actual) DOF = 23
Total number of redundant constraints = 12
The following redundant joint constraints will be removed:
Coincident7_3, Rotation about X
Coincident1_3, Rotation about Y
Coincident1_3, Rotation about X
Coincident2_5, Rotation about Y
Coincident2_5, Rotation about X
Coincident8, Rotation about Y
Coincident8, Rotation about X
Distance2, Rotation about Y
Distance2, Rotation about X
Coincident1_2, Rotation about Y
Coincident1_2, Rotation about X
Distance2_2, Rotation about Y