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SolidNetWork License Manager, upgrade 2011->2012, confusing instructions

Question asked by Juha Savonsalmi on Aug 22, 2012
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It is amazing how confusing LM upgrades can be. I've done it several times before - and still everytime I do it, I need to refer to help-documentation. I guess I'm not alone ;-)


Okay, here's the problem:


1) SW2012 Installation Help says: "For major releases of SolidWorks, upgrading the license manager consists of uninstalling the old license manager, installing a new one, and re-activating the SolidNetWork license."


2) SW2012 Installation Manager (runs on my 2011 license server, 2011 LM service is active ie. not stopped) gives you an option to "upgrade SolidNetWork License Manager from 2011 SP0 to 2012 SP4.0."

- at the bottom of the window there is "Install Now" button

- Installation manager does not give any information or hint I should uninstall previous version of License Manager, or to transfer licenses.


So my questions are:


If I click "Install now" is "Installation Manager" automaticly taking care of actions described in Help files or not?

In other words, does the  installing/upgrading via "Installation Manager" include uninstall of previous version, re-activation etc. automatically?


Or do I have to stop previous version license services manually, and transfer the license manually, and uninstall prev. version manually, before installing via Installation Manager?



(Heh, I know this forum is filled with almost similar questions, but it really is confusing when Help-files sounds more like "clean install" but Installation Manager process sounds like upgrading the existing version without uninstalling...)