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Folder Tree Structure & Supplier Files

Question asked by Nick Goodwin on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by Alex Chen

HI All,


I started using PDM 6 months ago and just started using the forums to find the best ways standardize the CAD documentation at my company.  I have a lot of questions, but I'll stick to a few key questions for now.  I'd appreciate any input the more experienced users could provide.


My companies current folder tree structure has some parts to it that I like, but there are some components and sub-assemblies which I can never easily locate.  I think the folder structure worked years ago, but as things progressed it got a little cluttered.  I have read some older discussion about PDM tree structure, and combining that info with my companies current structure I would like to implement a new folder structure, so I'm  looking for some pointers.


My company has 5 standard systems that we sell, each of them can be upgraded with various components and sub-systems.  Almost every project we work is variation of the  standard system, but with customized features.  There are standard features which are common to all 5 systems, and there are optional features which could be added to any of the 5 systems.  Becuase there is a mix of standard files and a large amount of customized files I want to propose the following folder structure.


  • Standard System 1
  • Standard System 2
  • Standard System 3
  • Standard System 4
  • Standard System 5


  • Standard Features
    • Standard Feature 1
    • Standard Feature 2
    • Standard Feature 3
  • Optional Features
    • Optional Feature 1
    • Optional Feature 2
    • Optional Feature 3


  • 2009 Projects
  • 2010 Projects
  • 2011 Projects
  • 2012 Projects
  • etc.


Does this tree structure make sense?




On another topic, another designer at my company is opposed to storing supplier CAD files in out PDM vault.  There are some files that do not even get real part number; they are called "valve", or the date and time the CAD file is created is used as the part number.  His thinking is that since we do not own the designs we should avoid Rev controlling them, and not load them into our vault.  Is there a way that we can load these supplier files (i.e. McMaster, etc.) without having a rev control on them?  Should we / can we load them into the toolbox?



Thanks In Advance, and sorry if that was a little long winded.