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EPDM + SQL + Crystal Reports

Question asked by Don Finch on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by Lee CS Young

I'm working with an ERP system and EPDM.  The ERP system is on a pervasive SQL database, where EPDM is on SQL2008r2.


In EPDM we've created a BOM (cutlist) for the shop that pulls all the data from the component parts of the top level assembly.  (we use to create these in Excel but that's double data entry and more room for error).


I'm no SQL genius, but I was able to find where all the data is stored for the BOM view.  The problem is, the data is vertical instead of horizonal.  See screen shots below.


My question is ..... how is the view generated in ePDM that creates the BOM view?  Can that view be queried using Crystal so the data reports out exactly as it shows in ePDM?  Yes, I know we can export the BOM, but this would give us a one step live look at a BOM seconds after a part has changed, without the export/import process.  This report would eliminate the potential of getting the wrong BOM (outdated) for a particular assembly.


This is the BOM view in EPDM.


This is the exact same data as it's layed out in SQL.  I would love to create the above view as a "view" inside SQL so I can query it with Crystal and join data from the ERP system to the data in the BOM.



SQL Data View.PNG