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highlighting of dimensions when the equation editor is open

Question asked by Pet Peever on Aug 21, 2012
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I am re-discover the equation editor, which seems much more userfriendly than the 3 years old version, but there are 2 points of ergonomy that I can't fix :


1 - When I drag the mouse on a dimension, in a sketch, the name of the variable appears as the mouse cursor, and it's very useful.


But when the list of variables+dimensions is open, this feature stops to work. How can I make it living, at the moment when it's the more useful ?


2 - as soon as I enter an enter to valid a relation, the equation editor decides to close.

No matter how hard I slap myself in the face, every time I do it, there is nothing stopping me to enter such enter.

Is there a cure for that ?