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Problem fuel tank (Pressure measurement)

Question asked by Gian Arias on Aug 20, 2012
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Dear Users,


Excuse my English, I really do not master the language much


I have been using SolidWorks simulation since past few months and have mostly done Static analysis, so i am still an amatuer. It is hence i would like to get your help in a problem that i am facing.




     We have a fuel tank 2 mm thick has the same material ASTM A 36, is to simulate the pressure that holds it, and it became a prototype and holds between 10-15 PSI, but when I simulate it indicates that material is fractured and deformed it, the problem is that we have to send the report to the client with the simulation.


Therefore I require your help to make this simulation


Attached pictures of the actual tank simulation and CAD, if you also have a suggestion to shorten the simulation time and it takes a lot between simulation