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    Drop impact on a sheet metal

    Ameya Wadekar

      Dear Users,


      I have been using SolidWorks simulation since past few months and have mostly done Static analysis, so i am still an amatuer. It is hence i would like to get your help in a problem that i am facing.




      We have a cylinder liner (mass=8.5Kg) which is held by a gripper (mounted on a vertical axis) and moves down with an accelration of 2.0m/s^2. In a particular operation this liner is held above a drip pan of 3 mm thickness. I am analyzing a situation where this cylinder liner impacts on the drip pan (as a result of failure of stopping mechanism). I am interested in the instantenous stress, deflection so that i can prove that in this given situation the drip pan will not fail as a result of bending stresses.


      So i would like to know what simulation study should i intiate, so that it will help me analyze this situation.


      I have done few hand calculations to prove that the drip pan is safe on the impact, but would like to get a Simulatio done, to get a second opinion.


      I thank everyone in advance and would really appreciayte your help.



      Ameya Wadekar,

      Mechanical Engineer,

      Ann Arbor, MI