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    Artist or Engineer?

    Liam Doolan

      Hi all,

      I’m interested in your thoughts on one of the features our app. We think that with some development it could be a really useful tool for designers to describe how they view their design character.

      This said your opinions are what I am interested in, not ours!

      Please keep in mind that we see this as a way to show how a designer views their character rather than showing their skills.

      How does it work?

      In the app we ask the designer to put themselves on a scale of 1 to 6 for two simple questions in order to gauge what kind of a designer they are. One question is to determine what part of the design industry a designer enjoys and the other is to determine which part of the design cycle they focus on.

      The questions are: -

      1. Do you like to be more of an Artist, or an Engineer? An answer of 1 says you like to make your designs beautiful and an answer of 6 says you want them to work the best way possible.

      2. Do you prefer to create concepts or focus on the details? An answer of 1 says you like to come up with brilliant new ways of doing things and 6 says you like finding and completing all of the finer points of the design.

      Once we have these ratings we can plot them on a chart similar to the one shown below to see where they sit on our compass. (You could be one of 36 different types of designers)

      For example if you say you are more focused on engineering and concepts you will show in the bottom right corner of the graph.

      We believe that a designer in this corner is someone that likes coming up with creative ways to solve mechanical and technical problems. The closer they are to the edge then the less focused they are on completing all of the details to make their design final.


      Exactly what it means to be in each corner is open for discussion so let us know your thoughts on this.

      I’m also interested in how you all score yourself and why you chose those score.



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