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Problematic links in eViewer/eDrawings

Question asked by Michael Jonquiere on Aug 17, 2012

I have 'hyperlinked' balloons in an assembly exploded view to the relevant part edrawings (*.edrw) and saved this exploded assembly as an *.edrw to.


The object is for this to work as a simple hyperlink, URL, URN, or URI so that the linked *.edrw file simply opens in eViewer once the balloon is clicked.


The problem I am facing is that when the link is clicked it either opens the target *.edrw;

1. in a web browser which allows you to view only the first sheet of the drawing - it does not show mulitple sheets or,

2. it opens the download manager and you have to save the file locally before manually having to find it and open it.


Obviously niether of these methods are suitable as they are and so I would be interested to hear what, if any ideas or solutions you may have to offer.


Thanks all,